Beating the forgetting curve

Stop forgetting
The central question for teachers and learners everywhere…

The first serious studies of memory were undertaken by a German, Hermann Ebbinghaus. He described the forgetting curve, which shows that from the moment we learn something, we start to forget it. Initially we forget fast, then the forgetting slows down. Ultimately a tiny residue of what we initially learned remains to us, unless we take action to arrest the downward spiral.

forgetting curve
The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

The task of a language learner is to defeat this cruel, unrelenting tendency to forget what one has learned.

That’s partially why I’ve created this blog. If you encounter the words of German often, in many guises, in examples, quizzes, short texts, games and stories, you’ll find that they will begin to stick.

Working through the tasks in the menu above will help you to reverse the forgetting curve. 

More ideas for tackling the forgetting curve head-on can be found at this page.

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