Bemerkenswerte Menschen

Martin Luther King: Click here to learn about Martin Luther King in German

  • Vor 50 Jahren sprach er vor 250,000 Menschen in Washington. Er sagte: „Ich habe einen Traum“. Seine Worte wurden weltberühmt.
  • Fifty years ago he spoke before a crowd of 250,000 people in Washington. He said: „I have a dream“. His words became world-famous. 

Activities on MLK: See the downloadable handouts on this page, where you can also:

  • play the memory game, which introduces some simple German vocabulary (memory game = das Memoryspiel)
  • tackle a fill-the-gap text based on a text read in class (fill-the-gap text = der Lückentext)
  • complete a „treasure hunt“ reading of a more difficult text at Kindernetz, using a guided question sheet
  • complete a crossword that tests your memory and understanding of the material and vocabulary you have learned (crossword = das Kreuzworträtsel)
  • find a list of the most commonly used German nouns, adjectives, verbs and phrases at the bottom of the page (Word list = die Wortliste)


Anne Frank: Click here to learn about Anne Frank in German

♦Nach Annes Tod in einem Konzentrationslager las ihr Vater ihr Tagebuch. Es wurde ihm langsam klar, dass ihr Tagebuch ein „bedeutendes menschliches Dokument“ war. Annes Tagebuch wurde 1947 zum ersten Mal veröffentlicht und in mehr als 70 Sprachen übersetzt.  
♦After Anne’s death in a concentration camp, her father read her diary. Gradually he became convinced that her work was a significant document for the whole of humanity. Her diary was first published in 1947 and then translated into more than 70 languages.

There are several activities on this linked page which will help you to learn more about Anne, such as:

♦ links to fairly simple websites that describe Anne’s life in German (look at these after working through the handouts and interactive activities)

♦ a drag-and-drop activity introducing and revising the vocabulary on the class handouts 

♦ a matching activity checking on your memory of vocabulary

♦ a crossword puzzle (Kreuzworträtsel) about Anne’s life

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