Anne Frank: „Wie ein Vogel im Käfig”

After you have done the activities on this page and tackled the handouts in class, you might decide that you are just about ready to read about Anne Frank’s life on a real German website. If so, dip into one of the websites linked below. The Kindernetz one is the easier of the two. Don’t try to understand everything. Look for the words you know and try to piece together the meanings of sentences. This task is like a word jigsaw – and jigsaws require patience, self-belief and a bit of daring. 

The title of this page comes from Anne’s writings in her diary. While cooped up in her tiny hiding place in Amsterdam during World War 2, she loved to watch the flight of the birds and to see even a tiny piece of blue sky. She longed for freedom and often felt like a bird in a cage (ein Vogel im Käfig).

Click on the pic above or on this link to download this handout.
Click on the pic above or on this link to download this handout.


You can revise the word lists on these handouts by completing the drag and drop and matching activities below. The crossword will test how well you remember the words.

The matching activity below includes words and phrases about Anne’s years in hiding and her sad fate.

The crossword below requires you to use the vocabulary in both tasks above. Each clue is a German sentence with a missing word. The missing word is also given in English, just in case you find this hard – but you should still try to figure out the meaning of each sentence. It is much easier to remember words if you read them in context.

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