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Hilfe - LehrerinThe handouts below are provided in PDF form and sometimes as Word documents.

The PDF files look exactly as they were meant to look; the formatting of the Word documents will  change on your computer, but you will be able to edit them if you wish. This option could be useful for teachers who would like to change the English phrasing into another language. 

Please leave a comment if a link fails and I shall be happy to fix it up.

Some handouts have an „easy“ option and a „harder“ option. In this case, the handouts are similar, but less confident students can choose the more straightforward version; for instance, the one with words provided to fill the gaps. Conversely, stronger students can choose the more challenging version, where they have to provide the words themselves – or complete a slightly more difficult task.

More handouts will be added soon.

Others are scattered around the blog and may also be found at the Podbean: .


Am Wochenende – Das Perfekt

Describing a weekend, travel or leisure activities using the perfect tense

Word document – easier version

Word document – harder version

PDF file – easier version

PDF file – harder version



Liebe und Freundschaft – mögen, lieben und die direkten Personalpronomen 


PDF file

Link to corresponding material and quiz on this blog


Sometimes it's hard to accept a compliment...

Finde jemanden, der… – am Anfang des Schuljahres


An activity to encourage interaction and speaking in German, with a simple fill-the-gap task on one side

PDF file

Ben and Mia


 Ein Steckbrief – Klasse 8 oder 9

A writing activity in which students can summarise a range of personal information in German and revise topics relating to the first three years of study. This can then lead to structured speaking activities.

Word document

PDF file

adjectives 2

Ein Brettspiel –  Klasse 9

Each pair or threesome gets a game sheet, a die, 2-3 counters, some play money and a help sheet.

Word document – game

Word document – help sheet

PDF file – game

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.37.10 pm

Familie und Freundschaft – Probleme – Klasse 7 oder Klasse 8Practice for the present tense verb endings, focusing on the difference between third person singular and third person plural. Word document PDF fileFreundschaften und Probleme

Verben mit einem Vokalwechsel in der Stammsilbe / gern

Conjugating common stem-changing verbs such as fahren, lesen and schlafen; using gern /nicht gern / nur ungern to describe attitudes to activities

Word file

PDF file

stem changers

total gern / sehr gern / gern / nicht so gern / nur ungern / überhaupt nicht gern Describing attitudes to activities using various combinations of gern, leading to a class speaking and individual writing activityWord document – introductory activity with posters to place around classroom as speaking stationsCorresponding PDF fileWord document – individual writing activity

Corresponding PDF file

gern ++

Ich helfe manchmal im Haushalt, aber ich sehe lieber fern…

Household tasks: using the infinitive expression to deduce three other forms:

*a present tense sentence

*a modal verb sentence

*a perfect tense sentence 

Word document

PDF file

Answer file


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