Eine schwierige Frage: „Das Mohammed-Video“

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A Discussion of the Mohammed Video
The film from neuneinhalb embedded below explores a difficult question: is it justified to allow a film to be shown, when it might lead to anger, hatred and violence? Why not ban it, if it hurts people’s feelings and leads to outbreaks of destructive violence and even killings?

Malin, the young reporter from neuneinhalb, sums up the issue very clearly in German. Don’t let the fact that it is in German put you off. By reading the vocabulary and watching the film, you will learn two worthwhile things at once: some of the vocabulary you need to discuss such a topic in German and also the ways in which this complex issue is considered and dealt with in Germany.

You will also learn about the fundamental laws of Germany, which were drafted after the horrors of the Nazi years expressly to protect people from the violations of human rights that had occurred. The name for these laws is „das Grundgesetz“, literally the „ground law“.

This film will tax your auditory understanding of spoken German, unless you are reasonably advanced, so be mentally prepared for a challenge. If you listen two or three times, you will hear more and understand better on each occasion.

It works for me!

Kind regards,

Ms Green


  • das Grundgesetz – the fundamental law of the German Constitution
  • das Recht (zu sagen, was man denkt) – the right (to say what one thinks)
  • das Grundrechtfundamental right
  • der Ausländer – foreigner
  • die Meinung – opinion – eine extreme Meinung – an extreme opinion
  • der Papst – the Pope
  • das Video
  • das Nachmittagsgebet – afternoon prayer
  • der Kravall – trouble
  • die Art und Weise – the method or approach, way
  • die Botschaft – embassy
  • die Figur – eine wichtige Figur – an important figure
  • das Vorbild – role model, admirable person
  • das Kino – cinema
  • die Meinungsfreiheit – freedom of opinion
  • das Feuer – fire
  • die Entscheidung – decision – eine ganz schwierige Entscheidung
  • die Sicherheit – safety, security



  • weltweit – worldwide
  • traurig – sad
  • wütend – angry, furious
  • sauer – cross
  • schwach – weak
  • gewalttätig – violent, ready to commit violence
  • friedlich – peaceful
  • kostbar – precious
  • superwichtig – extremely important
  • gefährlich – dangerous
  • hässlich – ugly – hässliche Szenen – ugly scenes



  • mit/bekommen – to understand, get, grasp
  • heraus/finden – to figure out, ascertain 
  • verurteilen – to condemn
  • ein/marschieren – in ein Land einmarschieren – march into, invade a land
  • verbieten – to forbid 
  • auf/regen – here: to get worked up, upset
  • äußern – express – eine Meinung äußern – express an opinion
  • zusammen/fassen – to summarise

  • vor zwei Wochen – two weeks ago
  • als Verbrecher dargestellt – depicted as a criminal, lawbreaker
  • im Fernsehen – on TV
  • Krieg führen – to fight or wage wars
  • sich über den Papst lustig machen – to make fun of the Pope
  • gegen etwas protestieren – protest against something
  • aus westlichen Ländern – from the West, from the lands of the West
  • das ist nicht überall auf der Welt selbstverständlich – this cannot be taken for granted all over the world
  • im konkreten Fall – in an actual, concrete case

  • Ich will mehr darüber erfahren – I want to find out more about it.

  • Schön, dass Sie Zeit für uns haben – It’s wonderful that you have time for us.

  • Er kann mir sicher weiterhelfen – He can definitely help me further.


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