Einheit: Weihnachten



das Geschenk


der  Weihnachtsbaum


die Kugel



der Nikolaustag

Helpful Links

Online Activities

1 Quizlet 1 Essential words and sample sentences. Read, listen and play the Scatter game. Then take a test. Ace it before you move on to the next version of the quizlet. You can reset the test and make it harder or easier if you wish.

Flashcards with Audio | Scatter | Test

2 Quizlet 2:

Essential words only. Similar to the first quizlet above, but simplified. Playing Scatter will help you to revise the words before you play Gravity, which requires you to type the German word as fast as possible to stop your planet being destroyed. If only saving the world were always this easy…

Flashcards | Scatter | Gravity

3 Multiple Choice Quiz

You should be able to tackle this quiz successfully after completing pages 2-5 of this booklet. This quiz is based on pages 11-12 and it will help you to revise that vocabulary.

4 Kahoot

Weihnachten – This is based on the vocabulary on pages 2-4 of the unit embedded below. The Kahoot is all in German, but very simple. You can play it alone or with others. To play it alone, you will need an account at www.getkahoot.com .

5 Christmas and Consumerism

An online-gallery of Christmas kitsch from Germany. The photos are amusing and you should be able to figure out the meaning of many of the captions. Use Leo to help.

6 Quizizz: Weihnachten – Mein Wunschzettel – You will be able to tackle this quiz only after completing pages 10-11 of the unit embedded below and committing the accusative rules to memory.

Important  Note: Turn off the jumble question option in order to view questions in the order intended.

7 Learnclick Revision Quiz: An online interactive quiz checking your knowledge and understanding of all the vocabulary in this unit. Download PDF of Completed Quiz

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