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Since Duolingo provided the TinyCards program, we have started making our own sets at an alarming rate. All you need to work through them is your Duolingo account and password, a touch of wifi and a device – even your mobile. By the way, there’s an app for iOS (not yet for Android), which makes revision even easier. You can make your own sets as well.

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Introductory Verbs and Topics

Deutsch – meine erste Woche

Über mich

sein – to be

haben – to have




Mein Steckbrief

 Common German Nouns and  Plurals

haben – to have

wohnen – to live


Ich wohne…




Familie – mein, dein, etc. 



Im Klassenzimmer


Schulsachen 1

 Schulsachen 2


 Common Nouns and Their Genders

Genders 1: der, die, das 1

Genders 2: der, die, das 2

Genders 3: der, die, das 3 

Genders 4: der, die, das 4

Genders 5: der, die, das 5

Verbs and Conjugation

Regular Verb Conjugation 1

Regular Verb Conjugation 2

 sein – to be

The conjugated verb comes 2nd

Familiar and formal address 1

Familiar and formal address 2 

Mein Zuhause 1

Mein Zuhause 2

Mein Zuhause 3 

Mein Zuhause 4

Mein Zuhause 5

Mein Zuhause 6

Das Wetter – Nouns

Wie ist das Wetter – 1

Wie ist das Wetter – 2

Die Jahreszeiten und das Wetter

 The Perfect Tense

Perfect 1

Perfect 2

Perfect 3 


Perfect 4

Perfect 5: Present →Perfect

Perfect 6: Infinitives ⇔ Past Participle
 Zu Hause bleiben


 Feelings and Reactions


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