Useful Links for Learning German

A. Slow German Podcast and PDF Downloads Annik Rubens makes podcasts in German and speaks slowly and carefully, so that you can hear every word. She has a lovely voice. What’s more, you can download the files of her podcasts and look up all the words you don’t already know.  

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In the time that you take to have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, you can listen to a podcast and learn a language.

B. Coffee Break German – Listening is how you learned your mother tongue. This podcast introduces you slowly to German and costs you nothing. You can listen to it anywhere. Every time you listen to German being spoken, you are engraving the words in your memory and taking a step towards understanding the language automatically.

C. A German Learning Forum for Kids At this site you can do all sorts of quizzes and test your knowledge – but there’s a catch. The questions and answers are in German. You’ll be amazed at how often you get the answers right – and all the time, you’ll be learning German! 

D. Warum nicht? – Deutsche Welle – A podcast for beginners This is an easy podcast and a great way to start your German learning. The podcasts can be downloaded at this link or through iTunes. 

E. Grüße aus Deutschland (German only) – my favourite podcast The two main speakers, Anna and Ardhi, explain all the topics in a lively, interesting way. You can download the PDFs as well, which really helps when there are tricky words you can’t decipher.

F. German Grammar Pod The woman who makes this podcast is brilliant. She actually understands German grammar and loves it as well. She explains it clearly in English and kindly provides grammar tables on a host of topics. 

G. Our School’s Own Podcast – All episodes come with the complete text and several include links to handouts or online quizzes with vocabulary support.

H. Wieso nicht? – Deutsche Welle – purely in German for more advanced learners This podcast is excellent for students who would like to improve their auditory understanding. You can download the podcasts through iTunes. The written version can also be downloaded, which helps whenever there is a word or phrase you don’t recognize. 

multiple choiceI. Online Exercises at Schubert Publishing These exercises are graduated from easy (A1) to horribly difficult (C2). The whole site is in German, but the A1 and A2 exercises are ideal for beginners – and you get a % mark straightaway. 

J. Deutsch auf die Schnelle – German in a hurry! Short, sharp texts about world news in German – read one or two each day, guess some words, look up others, make lists and widen your vocabulary! 

K. Minitz – News for German children – with explanations and simple quizzes You can hear short descriptions of current news at this site and, most importantly, read as you listen to the information in German. There are also simple quiz questions for each topic. 

L. German Children’s Radio – KiRaKa – Kinderradiokanal This radio site for German children is ideal for German learners. The newsreaders speak clearly and the wording is much easier than the adult news. You can read the news as well as download the podcasts through iTunes. Hone your auditory understanding! 

M. Mikado am Morgen – Children’s Radio from NDR (North German Radio) Programs about many interesting themes for children and teenagers, including a podcast that is downloadable through iTunes 

N. Neuneinhalb – A Children’s News Broadcast The website and the films, which can be watched online or downloaded via iTunes, are sparky and funky, with clever editing and conversations with young speakers, often teenagers. The themes are also very current.

The mouse is an icon of German children's television. Sort of like B1 and B2, but smarter. (Image in the public domain from wikimedia commons)
The mouse is an icon of German children’s television. Sort of like B1 and B2, but smarter. (Image in the public domain from wikimedia commons)

O. Die Sendung mit der Maus The mouse is a legend of German children’s television. The “Sachgeschichten” are funny, quirky short videos that explain the things we’ve always wanted to know in simple, clever ways, with many visual cues.

P. Kindersache  – Relatively simple texts about children’s lives and issues in Europe

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