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Kahoot-GermanTo play the Kahoots below in Preview Mode, you will need to create an account at http://getkahoot.com/. The Preview Mode allows you to play the game by inputting your answers on a little virtual smartphone to the right of the screen.

Teachers who would like to use the Kahoots below can do so by clicking the class link version. Students will then need to join the game by typing the game pin into an iPad or other tablet, a smartphone or a computer. They will need to go to this site to do so: http://kahoot.it/.

Kahoots and Other Links

Mein Steckbrief

Proofreading simple sentences summarising an imaginary student’s life

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„Woher kommt…?“ und „Was ist das?“

Practice with questions about origins and names of objects

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Über mich 

Practice with reading and proofreading a simple first person narrative.

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ros in sandpit

Doktor Tierlieb, ein Doktor für Tiere

Animal names in singular and plural forms, definite and indefinite articles, adjectives, weekdays

Audio text | Handout  Comprehension Quiz | Audio Quiz – Easy Words | Audio Quiz – Time and Number Words

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Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 5.29.18 pm


School items and using ein/e, kein/e; uses of common objects used in class

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 Pure Conjugation

Practising the conjugation of German verbs, including some common stem changers

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Horrortag oder Traumtag?

Class Mode | Preview Mode | Arbeitsblatt

 Word Order  with „weil“ and „denn“

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Hobbys und Freizeit

Describing hobbies and other activities in German; practice with conjugating some of the most common stem-changers

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book-shelves, bookcase, clipartlord, pd

 Mein erstes Jahr

A quiz based on the first one or two years of German instruction, from „Ich heiße…“ to „Ich habe mein eigenes Zimmer“ and „Wir haben einen Weihnachtsbaum“…

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Ben and Mia

Mein Vater ist größer als dein Vater!

Comparative and superlative adjectives

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Conjugating the auxiliary verb in the perfect tense

Conjugating sein and haben is often more difficult than remembering what the past participle is. This Kahoot will make it a doddle.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 5.27.34 pm

What shall I become in the future? 

Using the verb werden

Preview Mode | Class Mode Blog page about werden

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Which past participle?

Select the correct past participle for the sentence from four alternatives.

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Modal Verbs

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Leider muss ich lernen, aber ich kann zugleich Musik hören.

 First 100 Names and Genders

Jumble Kahoot

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 Schulferien, Kleidung, Liebe

Revision of  the indefinite article, pronouns, adjective endings and verb conjugations

Preview Mode | Class Mode     Kleidung – Crossword    Clothing Vocabulary

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Das lange Wochenende – im Präsens und im Perfekt

Describing the weekend with two different tenses

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Allgemeinwissen – General Knowledge

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 Ich helfe im Haushalt. Manchmal.

Describing simple household tasks

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Persönlichkeit und Aussehen 

Adjectives for describing personality and appearance

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Viele Familiengeschichten 

Words for describing family relationships

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clipart-red-silver-hearts-interlinked-512x512-73fc (1)

Relative Pronouns

Appropriate for more advanced students

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apple_bitten_dan_gerhard_01 from public-domain-photos.com

 The Future Tense – „werden“

Constructing the future tense with the verb „werden“

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Words for disagreements with friends and family, including practice with reflexive pronouns and conjunctions like „weil“

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 Meine Probleme

Typical problems in the teenage years, in categories such as home and family, school and friendships; some practice with reflexive verbs and dative endings

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 In den Schulferien

Questions and answers about the school holidays – perfect tense; using question words like was/ wer/ wen/ wo/ wohin/ wie, etc.

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Sophie relaxing, September 2015

Familie und Tiere
30 questions to introduce and revise student knowledge of family and animal definite articles.

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das Kaninchen

 Name that emotion!

Angela Merkel

Learning adjectives with Chancellor Merkel. A mix of adjectives and adjective forms

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Das Wetter!

A Kahoot on using adjectives for weather, and identifying weather types

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der Regen3

Ich mache eine Party!

Vocabulary about preparing for a party, including using modal verbs and the perfect tense

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Very simple introduction to vocabulary

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Die Wechselpräpositionen

Suitable for more advanced students

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Revising and consolidating the use of prepositions that require the accusative for an action or movement and the dative for a position or situation.



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