In der Stadt

When you learn words and phrases related to a specific topic, try to organize the vocabulary in an accessible manner. Mind maps are an excellent tool to create connections between words and phrases, which will help you to remember them better.

Here is a mind map of important words and phrases to talk about sights and activities in the city. Click on the mind map to view a larger version. You will then be able to click on it again to make it even larger.

Mindmap In der Stadt

Apps and websites that will help you to create a mind map (or you can always use that old standby, pencil and paper):

  • Website: Coggle (Nathaniel’s recommendation – no cost, but account required. Can be easily set up  with an existing Google account)
  • Website: Mindmup (an account might be required for long-term use and printing)
  • Website: Lucidchart (once again, check the small print)
  • App: Simplemind (free version used above)free versionpro version
  • App: MindNode – expensive, but available on both an iPad ($9.99) and a Mac (19.99)
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