Das ist Amsterdam. Amsterdam ist eine Stadt in den Niederlanden.
This is Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a city in the Netherlands.

Castles, cathedrals, old rock walls, narrow streets straight out of the Middle Ages, modern architecture next to a building hundreds of years old – these are all part of the beauty of Europe.

When you travel in Europe, being able to speak German is a great advantage. German is spoken as the first language in Germany, Austria and parts of Switzerland. It is an  important language for science, engineering, business and trade.

Since Germany shares borders with nine other European countries, many people also speak German as a second language. 

This page shows various pictures of countries in Europe, with captions in German and English. I hope it will whet your appetite for travel in Europe and also introduce you to some words for describing Europe. Here are some words you will encounter on this page:

  • Europa – Europe
  • der Euro (-, s) – euro, the name for the currency used by many countries in the European Union; commonly used without an s in the plural, e.g. in the phrase, “Das Buch kostet 10 Euro” – “The book costs 10 euros.”
  • die Sprache (n) – language
  • die Flagge (n) – flag
  • die Stadt (die Städte) – city
  • die Hauptstadt – capital city
  • das Land (die Länder) – land, country
  • sprechen – to speak

Below the pictures you will find two Quizlets. One gives the names of many countries in Europe in German. The other runs through the names of several languages in German and also includes some simple sentences about Europe. 

These Quizlets will help you to become familiar with the words on page 14 of your text, which is titled “Mein Land, meine Sprache”.

Das ist England.
England ist in Großbritannien.
This is England. England is in Great Britain.
Das ist der Dom in Florenz.
This is the cathedral in Florence.
Florenz ist eine Stadt in Italien.
Florence is a city in Italy.
Das ist der Reichstag in Berlin.
This is the parliament building in Berlin.
Berlin ist die Hauptstadt von Deutschland.
Berlin is the capital city of Germany.
Die deutsche Flagge ist schwarz, rot und gelb.
The German flag is black, red and yellow.
Dieses Foto wurde von Barry Lockett gemacht.

This photo was taken by Barry Lockett.


Dieses Foto wurde in London gemacht.
This photo was taken in London.
London ist die Hauptstadt von England.
London is the capital city of England.
England ist ein Land in Europa.
England is a country in Europe.


Das ist der Schiefe Turm von Pisa in Italien.
This is the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. (The word “schief” means crooked or lop-sided.)
Das ist eine Straße in York. York ist eine alte Stadt in England.
This is a street in York. York is an old city in England.

Use the first Quizlet below to learn the names of many European countries in German. This Quizlet is ideal for playing the Space Race game, if you feel so inclined. Another good option is a Multiple Choice Quiz.

The second Quizlet contains the names of some European languages and provides a few sentences to help you describe Europe very simply in German. After cycling through the Quizlet, you could play the Scatter game, if your computer screen is large enough for 30 terms!

A Quiz: The fill-the-gap quiz below will give you some practice with the vocabulary on this page. Within the quiz there is extra help. Just press on the top left of the quiz window, where you can see the light globe.

A Challenge: At the two links below, you can discover Europe in fairly simple German. The page is written for children, so there are many pictures that might help you to guess the meanings of words, especially on the map page. Here are some German words from the map that you might be able to guess:

  • der Vulkan
  • der See
  • das Land
  • das Buch
  • die Düne

SWR Kindernetz – Europa

A pictorial map of Europe

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