Mein Schultag – Two Quizzes and One Prezi

The first quiz tells a very simple story of a strenuous school day, beginning with that dreadful moment when the alarm clock rings. The pictures and the clues should help you to work through the quiz. As you click each answer, you will see some vocabulary reminders. Some of these, along with the vocabulary in the table below, may help you to put all your new words into German sentences about school. Some of the pictures in the quiz show our school, but many are just general pictures. Use the pictures to figure out the correct answer.

Nouns Verbs Phrases
School Places

  • das Klassenzimmer – classroom
  • die Bibliothek – library
  • der Schulhof – schoolyard

Schulfächer – School Subjects

  • Englisch
  • Deutsch
  • Geschichte – History
  • Erdkunde – Geography
  • Kunst – Art
  • Mathe
  • Naturwissenschaft – Science
  • Informatik – I.T.
  • Musik
  • Sport
  • haben – to have
  • gehen – to go
  • spielen – to play
  • machen – to make or do


zur Schule gehen – to go to school

  • e.g. Ich gehe zur Schule.
  • Wir gehen zur Schule.

nach Hause gehen – to go home

  • e.g. Ich gehe nach Hause.
  • Wann gehst du nach Hause?

Hausaufgaben machen – to do homework

  • e.g. Ich mache viele Hausaufgaben. – I do a lot of homework
  • Wann macht ihr Hausaufgaben? – When do you (plural) do homework?


The second quiz below checks and consolidates your knowledge of the names of school subjects. You also need to know the main adjectives that you can use to describe your subjects and be able to understand sentences about when each class takes place in the school day. The quiz uses simple pictures and you have to choose which German sentence matches the picture. In the last question you have to choose which short audio file goes with the picture. The robotic voice produced by the quiz software is fairly easy to understand – I hope!  These words and sentences will help you with the quiz: Adjectives

  • toll – great
  • schlecht – bad, not so gut
  • langweilig – dull, boring
  • doof – stupid, silly, pointless
  • interessant – interesting


  • Ich finde Mathe toll. – I think Maths is great.
  • Geschichte finde ich langweilig. – I find History boring.
  • Deutsch ist interessant. – German is interesting.
  • Erdkunde ist mein Lieblingsfach. – Geography is my favourite subject.
  • Ich mag Informatik (nicht). – I (don’t) like I.T.
  • In der ersten/zweiten/dritten/vierten (etc.) haben wir Englisch/Mathe, etc. – We have English/Maths in the first/second/third/fourth period.

My students have recently introduced me to the joys of making Prezis. So here’s a very basic one about a school day in German. I am still practising the art of making Prezis – just as we are all practising our German.

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