Harry Potter auf Deutsch

Dobby at the Harry Potter sets in the Warner Brothers Studio, Watford, just outside London

When you already know something well and then hear or read about it in German, you can often guess the meanings of the unfamiliar words. In this case, I’m counting on you knowing everything there is to know about Harry Potter.

These links to the German site Kindernetz might not be too difficult for you to enjoy. Even though the information is entirely in German, it’s quite simple information. If you are a Potter fan, you’ll be able to figure out several words. It’s a kind of guessing game and an enjoyable way to learn.

You could even try writing down some of the words you see or hear and looking them up in your dictionary. 

The easiest activity below is a link to a set of 16 questions about the Harry Potter series. They are simple questions and they actually use some of the German vocabulary you have already encountered. For instance, one question asks for the name of Harry’s teacher for Defence Against the Dark Arts in his second year at Hogwarts. How easy can you get?

Here are some words and phrases from the quiz that might be useful when you start reading it:


  • die Schnecke (n) – snail
  • die Schlange (n) – snake
  • der Zauberstab – wand 
  • das (fliegende) Auto – the (flying) car


  • kotzen – vomit, throw up
  • sich übergeben – vomit (a more polite way of saying it)
  • brauchen – need
  • zaubern – do magic
  • heißen – to be called; e.g. Wie heißt… – What’s the name of…


  • kaputt – broken, not functioning


  • eines Tages = one day; eines Abends = one evening
  • Wie heißt der Lehrer… What is the name of the teacher…
  • Deine Antwort war richtig! Your answer was right!
  • Deine Antwort war leider falsch! Unfortunately your answer was wrong.
  • im zweiten Schuljahr – in the second school year

Click here: Harry Potter Quiz auf Deutsch

The Gryffindor Common Room and the clothing of the main characters, as shown at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London

There are three other activities at this site that you might enjoy, but they are far more demanding than the little quiz recommended above.

♦One is a short video about the Harry Potter sets at the Warner Brothers Studio near London. The studio tour became available to fans in March 2012.
Click here to watch the video.

♦One is an account of J. K. Rowlings and her life in German.

Click here to read this account.

♦The last is a brief video showing the continuing lives of the three main actors in the Harry Potter films. You’ll be able to hear them speak very briefly in English before the translation drowns them out, but their words might help you to pick up some of the German you will hear.

Click here to watch this video.

If you would like to try other simple quizzes in German at Kindernetz, click on the link below:

Kindernetz Quizzes Link

This link also provides some very simple, accessible quizzes in German. You will often be able to guess at the meaning of the phrases. The quizzes are written for young Germans about your age and are fairly straightforward. Remember, guessing at the meaning of words in context is a way of learning.

neuneinhalb Quizzes Link

Lastly, the quiz below is for people who like using their dictionaries. It’s a quiz about which character in the Harry Potter series you might be similar to, but what makes it interesting is the German descriptions of personality. It’s clever and funny and you’ll read a lot of phrasing that describes life, school, people and friendship in German. It’s directed at girls, but boys could still learn lots of German from it. This one is a real challenge for your German vocabulary.

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