Klasse 7, 2018: Einheit drei – Meine Familie

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                       Liebe Klasse sieben…

Dear Year 7,

You can already  say quite a lot in German:

  • your name, age and birth date
  • your place of residence and country of origin
  • your language/s

What’s more, you can understand all the corresponding questions!

You are now ready to learn to talk more about your family. In this unit (downloadable here), you will also discover many adjectives for describing the characteristics of your family members and friends (including the irritating ones).

You will even begin to describe simply what you think, feel and wish for. 

Kind regards from Frau Green

Online Activities

1 Tiny Cards – Meine Familie

2 Flippity Flashcards | Whole Screen

3 Crossword – Meine Familie | View on the whole screen

4 Meine Familie – Ein Quiz | View on the whole screen

5 Kahoot: Word Order

Class | Preview

6 Interactive Bingo Cards on the Family (and Other Words) 

7 Kahoot: Familie und Haustiere Class Version | Play Alone

8 Tiny Cards: Constructing Plurals in German – 30 Nouns with 10 Types of Plural Construction

Audio Texts and Quizzes

1 Complete the gap-filling quiz below by listening to Pierre’s self-introduction (p.2 of booklet) | View on the whole screen

2 Mein Name ist Michael – kindly recorded by Nathaniel Smith (p. 8 of booklet)

3 Ich heiße Paul – kindly recorded by Nathaniel Smith (p. 8 of booklet)


4 Ich heiße Lars – kindly recorded by Nathaniel Smith (p. 9 of booklet)

5 Ich heiße Lana – kindly recorded by Linda Manteuffel (p.9 of booklet)

6 Introducing your Family – Audio and Quiz

This text was kindly written and recorded by Diana Bösel and Cheryl Blessing. You can read the text in the quiz below it and fill in the missing words.

Meine Familie

7 Doktor Tierlieb – Eine Geschichte

This is a short story about a doctor who loves animals. The first version of the story was written by Frau Jana Kühn and Frau Rika Gemenetzi kindly agreed to record the story:

Unit Booklet

Download higher quality PDF of the booklet above here 

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