Klasse 7, 2018: Einheit zwei – Über mich

Dear Year 7,

You learn very fast!

Ihr lernt sehr schnell!

At the very bottom of this blog page, you can flick through your second unit booklet. Just below this note from me, you will also find some handy links and tips to help you continue to pick up German at the rate of knots. Don’t forget that you can also tackle all the online activities below, such as the memory game, various flashcard options and quizzes. The last two quizzes are quite challenging, but worth trying! 

Kind regards from your teacher,

Frau Green

Essential Links

Online Activities

1 Flashcards – open on the WHOLE SCREEN

2 Tiny Cards

Regular Verb Conjugation







3 Fill the Gap Quiz – View on WHOLE SCREEN

4 Audio Text (p.7 of the booklet)

Hallo! Mein Name ist Phoebe – kindly recorded by Linda Manteuffel

Read while you listen: Hallo! Mein Name ist Phoebe und ich komme aus Neuseeland. Meine Eltern kommen aus England. Natürlich spreche ich Englisch, genau wie die Kinder in Australien. Meine beste Freundin heißt Sophie. Sie kommt aus China. Woher kommst du?

Ich wohne auf dem Land. Das finde ich super, denn ich liebe Tiere. Ich habe mein eigenes Pferd!

5 Work through the first 50 nouns by completing this TINY CARDS set. Then complete a quiz to check your knowledge on the WHOLE SCREEN.

6 Complete this quiz on the WHOLE SCREEN HERE.

7 Quiz: Describing Origins and Language

8 Audio Quiz: Introducing Yourself | Audio | Text

Kindly recorded by Diana Bösel and Cheryl Blessing

9 Audio Quiz: 1-100 and Birthdays | PDF with Answers


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