Poems for Goethe Competition, 2013

My students have kindly introduced me to the obsessive sport of prezi-making. This poem is called „Erlebnis“ (Experience) by Josef Guggenmos. See if you can figure out what happens in the poem with the combination of words and pictures provided. Then you can listen to Mr Plewe’s voice as he says the poem, simply by clicking on this little mouse (who is the main character of the poem).

Mr Plewe reads the poem: http://germanisland.global2.vic.edu.au/files/2012/10/Sebastian-Mouse-1-2d0br71.m4a
Mr Plewe reads the poem

Mouse Poem with Audio

The little presentation below will help you to understand and practise one of the other poems in the poetry competition. Unfortunately I couldn’t preserve the animations in the uploaded version. 


Die Fliege PDF by roslyngreen

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