Quizzes on the verbs „sein“ (to be) and „haben“ (to have)

The verbs sein and haben are the two most important verbs in both the German and the English language. You need them more than your favourite TV show, more than your favourite gadget, more than the canteen when you’ve forgotten your lunch, more than the bolt-cutters when you’ve forgotten your locker keys…

The first quiz below is a simple drag-and-drop quiz. The second one is much harder, with some unfamiliar words, which are listed above the quiz itself. Read the vocabulary before you begin, but don’t be intimidated if you can’t understand every single word in the story. Try to figure out what’s happening. In the process, you’ll learn without realizing it.


This quiz requires you to type in the correct version of „sein“ and „haben“. Use the light globe to check the conjugation. Remember to think which pronoun is involved in any sentence: for instance, „Meine Schwester ____ hübsch“ (my sister is pretty) could be replaced by „Sie ist hübsch“ (she is pretty). That’s how you know to use the conjugation relating to „he/she/it“ (the third person singular).

STORY QUIZ: To print this quiz and do it on paper, click HERE.

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