Two Animal Crosswords – Zwei Kreuzworträtsel

The clues in the first crossword  below are all pictures of animals, mostly pets but also some animals you might find on a farm or in a zoo. You will have encountered most of the animal names in your textbook, but you may have to use your dictionary for one or two. Many are very similar to English. The code word at the bottom means „Animals in German“.

The clues in the second crossword are a bit harder. They are written in German and require you to think about what the animal is like or what it produces. For instance, the clue, „Eine Kuh gibt uns _ _ _ _ _“, means „A cow gives us _ _ _ _“. The answer of course is milk, which translates to „Milch“ in German. Below are a few words that might help you to solve this crossword. In addition to these hints, there are some below each clue, just in case a word in the clue is unfamiliar.


Animal Names

  • das Schaf – sheep
  • die Kuh – cow
  • der Elefant
  • die Schlange – snake
  • die Ratte – rat

All the other animal names in this crossword should be very familiar to you already.

Animal Produce

  • das Ei (er) – egg
  • die Milch – milk
  • die Wolle – wool


  • lang – long
  • gefährlich – dangerous


  • geben – to give – irregular; ich gebe but du gibst und er/sie gibt
  • reiten – to ride (i.e. a horse)
  • legen – to lay (e.g. an egg)
  • beißen – to bite
  • aus/sehen – to look like, e.g. er/sie sieht aus wie… – he looks like…


  • uns – us

Click HERE to complete the crossword on the whole screen.

The word for crossword in German is a bit of a mouthful: das Kreuzworträtsel.

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