Year 7 downloads – 2014

Lost handoutsThe links on this page will allow you to access handouts that you may have received in class but unaccountably lost. If you have a tendency to lose your handouts in the deep recesses of your school bag, squash them in your locker or, worse still, place them next to a mouldy sandwich or rotting banana in your school bag, then these downloads are for you.

Each link below will open a PDF file, so it should be readable on any computer and also on most smartphones and tablets, if you have an appropriate app.

Year 7 mainstream students should be able to work through Part 1A, Part 1B and Part 2 of this booklet by the end of their first semester of German.

Year 7 accelerated students should be able to work through the whole booklet in their first semester of German, if they are having 3 lessons a week. Those having 2 lessons a week will need a bit longer.

PART 1A, pp.1-9, introductions, nouns, definite and indefinite articles, birthdays, origins, languages, etc: Year 7 German Booklet 2014 8-2-2014 Part 1A

PART 1B, pp. 10-17, more about nouns, power verbs and pronouns, a short text: Year 7 German Booklet 2014 8-2-2014 Part 1B 

PART 2, pp. 18-24, family, short texts: Year 7 German Booklet 2014 8-2-2014 Part 2

PART 3, pp.25-34 + answer booklet – school subjects, expressing feelings and opinions of school subjects, school equipment, short texts and a practice test: Year 7 German Booklet 2014 8-2-2014 Part 3

ANSWER BOOKLET: Year 7 German Answer Booklet

Hörtexte – Audiofiles – kindly recorded by Carolina Seez

Tim ist Tom – langsam (slow)

Tim ist Tom – normal

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