Mein Zimmer – one sentence at a time…

1 Match the labels with the pins on the picture of the room below – or click here to see the picture of the room on the full screen:

2 Below there is a little quiz employing the vocabulary from the Quizlet: Mein Zimmer and requiring you to use the dative case.

Some of the questions require you to type in the right noun.

Others ask you to supply or choose the correct preposition.

Still others require you to show that you can use the dative case correctly. That’s why you should keep a close eye on this little table as you tackle the quiz.

Summary table showing how “the”, “a/an” and “my” change in the dative case

Article Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural
the der die das die
a/an ein eine ein
my mein meine mein meine
the dem der dem den
a/an einem einer einem
my meinem meiner meinem meinen

Notice the pattern in the dative endings. They really are very predictable, even if they seem complex at first.

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