Klasse 7 – Von Tag zu Tag 2017

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  • April, 2017 – Steckbrief handout • Chapter 4: „Wer bist du?“ • Stating the date of your birthday • Feedback on Steckbrief • Posing questions in both familiar and formal address forms • Giving praise in German • Word order • Using the word „gern“ • Conjugation • Tiny Cards sets • Various revision quizzes • Conjugation pointers • Using the „w“ question words in German
  • Mai, 2017 – More on forming questions in German • Employing the familiar and formal address in posing questions • Regular verb conjugation with handouts, interactive quizzes and Tiny Cards for revision • Building plurals in German (a cruel plethora of variations!) • School things (Schulsachen) with Tiny Cards link • Describing the school day • Describing school subjects using adjectives, the verb finden (to find, to think) and the verb mögen (to like)
  • Juni, 2017 – School stuff (Schulsachen) and school subjects (Schulfächer) • Links to Tiny Cards • Four methods for describing one’s attitude to something • ZERO POSITION words (und, aber, denn) • Hints on learning vocabulary • Revision quizzes • Telling the time • Describing your day
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