Kleidung – Vocabulary

Er trägt ein rotes Trikot, eine rote Shorts, lange rote Socken und Sportschuhe.
He is wearing a red jersey, a pair of red shorts, long red socks and runners.
I took this photo of a newspaper front page while I was in Germany, where they take their football very seriously, as you can see. Can you figure out what the headline says?

Try to learn the clothing nouns along with their gender. The plural is also given in brackets after the word in the table below.

Knowing the gender allows you to apply the rules of the accusative case.

 Knowing the gender allows you to apply the rules of adjectival endings, when you begin to learn these.

So you need to figure out ways of plugging those genders, as well as the words themselves and the grammatical rules, into your brain – but always with this consolation: native speakers will get what you mean anyway, just as you understand when someone speaks imperfect English to you.

After reading the table of vocabulary below, you can also cycle through the words in the Quizlet. Hopefully through these activities, some of those nouns will find a place in your wonderfully expansive long-term memory.

Then you’ll be able to clothe yourself in German!

My favourite German clothing word, by the way, is Gummistiefel – gumboot. 






Kleidung – Wortschatz
Masculine Nouns

  • der Schuh (e) – shoe
  • der Hut (die Hüte) – hat
  • der Mantel (die Mäntel) – coat
  • der Stiefel (-) – boot
  • der Pullover (-)


Feminine Nouns

  • die Kleidung – clothing
  • die Hose (n) – pair of pants – singular in German
  • die Jeans (-) – pair of jeans – singular in German
  • die Socke (n) – sock
  • die Mütze (n) – beanie
  • die Kappe (n) – cap
  • die Jacke (n) – jacket
  • die Krawatte (n) – tie
Neuter Nouns

  • das Hemd (en) – shirt
  • das Unterhemd – vest, singlet
  • das T-Shirt (s)
  • das Outfit (s)
  • das Kleid (er) – dress
  • das Trikot (s) – jersey
Plural Nouns

  • die Schuhe – shoes
  • die Stiefel – boots
  • die Socken – socks


The first Quizlet below contains only single words (mostly nouns as well as a few adjectives and verbs). This means you’ll be able to play the Space Race game, once you’ve learned the words. Before you try that game, make sure you tick the “ignore stuff in parentheses” box on the starting page, which means you won’t have to type the plural as well.

The second Quizlet contains the same words, but this time with sentences for each one. This might help you to figure out how each word could be used in context. You can still play a game with this Quizlet, as well as just reading through it. The most suitable game for more complex text is Scatter, where you drag the appropriate sentence to its translation or corresponding picture.

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